2007 – Harris and Eloise

The Gnometown tale of “Harris and Eloise”
Harris and Eloise Ronning

A long, long time ago two little gnomes were born into the Ellefson and Ronning families in Gnometown. Right away the parents knew these were going to be very precious gnomes. Harris was marked on his thumb with what looked like a tiny carpenter’s nail, and Eloise had one green thumb and one white thumb.

As they grew, the gnomes began to notice each other, too. They married, and Harris built a sturdy house for them on the bank of the river flowing through Gnometown. He filled it with furniture that he made from the woods that grew there, and Eloise made their house a home by adding her paintings, crafts, and flowers from her garden. She kept it neat and sparkling clean and held it all together with a special beeswax polish. Soon the house was filled with the happy sounds of their family and friends.

Harris and Eloise made many friends along the river. Eloise was a gracious hostess. She always had homemade cookies and snacks for the little gnomes in the neighborhood. And, she was a good cook, too. The kettle on the stove was always filled with something tasty. So, the little house on the river became a gathering place for friends from near and far. Often, you could hear their voices and laughter will into the night as they shared stories of their days and their adventures. Even the birds and animals in the woods knew they were welcome, because Harris made them homes nearby and always had food for them through the long winters.

Harris became quite a good builder. He cut logs from the woods along the river and made homes and cabinets, farm buildings and business places for many for the gnomes in the area. As Gnometown grew, there was a need for more and more houses. Harris thought about how he might fill that need and before long he had an idea. On the edge of town, in an open field, he platted a new neighborhood. Then he started to work. When he had finished, there was a curvy little road, new trees planted, and homes for the families of a growing community. It had been hard work, but he was pleased with all he had accomplished. Harris and Eloise enjoyed their little town and the gnomes that lived there. Together, the two of them volunteered to work for the church, the school, and many of the organizations that helped make Gnometown a wonderful place to raise their family. Like so many other gnomes, they contributed to their community in any way they could.

Children, friends, husband and wife, parents and grandparents; that’s what legends are made from in Gnometown!


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