2008 – Gnometown Fire Department

The Gnometown tale of
“The Gnometown Fire Department”

The summer of 1908 brought very dry land and parched fields. Grass fires flared up here and then over there. The little people were rushing to and fro with their walnut halves, carrying them full of water, taken from almost dry sloughs and streams. One evening, as the Gnome leaders gathered in a circle under the great elm tree by the river, they discussed the possibility of a huge grass fire which could consume their homes under the logs and trees. They sought an innovative answer. They needed to get more water to the fires much faster. They called for ideas.

“Maybe we could use reeds from the slough. By pitting them together, we could reach quite a distance,” suggested gnome Phil. “No, that won’t work. How will we get the water to glow uphill?” Jean chimed in.

“Maybe we could get the gophers to carry the walnuts. They’re really fast!” suggested gnome Harland.

“But you just can’t trust a gopher. They change their mind right in the middle of the road. That won’t work either,” argued gnome Del.

Daws, the leader quietly got up and pulling his pipe out of his mouth said, “There are 29 pelicans living down at the big north slough. Let’s ask them for help. They could scoop up water from the river in their large bills, fly to the bigger fires and pour it on them and quickly fly back for more. Hills won’t be a problem, and they can keep the small fires from spreading.”

“Good idea.” “Let’s vote on it,” sounded Gerry and Rudy.

“Ok, if you are in favor of this plan, point the top of your hat toward the north slough,” Daws said. So all of the gnomes gathered there bent the points of their hats in the direction of the north.

“Doc Bill and I are going fishing today at the north slough. We’ll talk to the Pelicans and convince them to help us,” said Elder.

“I think we should call ourselves the Gnometown Fire Department,” suggested Bert, “and the 29 pelicans which will be helping us could be called The P29 Bomber Division. Together, we will keep our Gnometown safe from fires!”


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