2011 – Al

The Gnometown tale of “Al”
Allan Schacherer

A very ambitious young gnome, known as Al, looked up to the leader gnomes in Gnometown as mentors. He wanted to grow up to be a leader too, just as wise and good. He was given an opportunity to work for Gnome Morris who was on the cutting edge of inventing a device which would not need the small rodents to pull it for transportation and field work. It was propelled by something he called a “motor”.

Young Gnome Al hung around the shop, learning about every aspect of this invention. They called it a “Gourd” because it was made from a dried gourd, equipped with seats, wheels, motor and even doors which opened and closed. They sold Gourds and fixed Gourds for Gnomes Jerry, Doc Phil, Doc Bill, Rudy, Dick, and all the others.

While he was working, Gnome Al listened to them talk about the problems in the community and was determined to be like them and make a difference in Gnometown. His hard work at his job and common sense was noticed by the older and wiser gnomes. They began to seek him out for ideas.

Once, Doc Bill asked him to be on the committee to help develop a facility to take care of sick gnomes. He examined several locations to see if they could be made fit, but he found them unsuitable and advised them to build new. So they did, and they called it Doc Bill Hospital.

At about the same time, when a gnome was sick the doctors had to travel to their underground homes to care for them, and it was becoming difficult for the doctors and nurses, because there were too many patients and not enough caregivers. Al suggested to Doc Phil and Dick, that they dry out a long zucchini, add a motor and wheels, put a mattress in it and call it an Ambu-Gourd, so they could carry the sick ones to the hospital. He suggested using lightning bugs on the front and back so they could be seen easily when they needed to drive fast in an emergency. So they built it and another business was developed in Gnometown because other communities needed the Ambu-Gourds too.

He continues his shop, once owned by Gnome Morris, willingly fixing tires, pumping gas, changing spark plugs, getting people out of ditches and snow banks, and washing their windshields. He has a special concern for the women in Gnometown. He wants nothing bad to happen to them. So, if someone needs new tires, he will tell them, “I don’t care if you drive with those tires, but I don’t want anything bad to happen when your wife drives.”

The passion of Gnome Al to help the folk and other gnomes of this community extends to organizing the response to the flood of ‘97, doing his part to help in church, helping Gnome Rudy encourage business in Gnometown and being a willing volunteer as needed. He brought to Gnometown Council, new ideas which were good for the community.

With hard work and common sense, Gnome Al did indeed, grow up to be just like the gnomes which had been his mentors. He had proven to be wise and good.


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