2014 – Gnomes Bob and Marlene

The Gnometown Legend of Gnomes Bob and MarleneBobMarleneLee

School was about to start for the small gnomes in Dawson and Gnome Ruzich, who invented the game of berryball, expressed concern that there wasn’t any teacher to teach the small ones the game when they were younger and to learn how to keep their bodies strong and healthy. Superintendent Bob knew of a group of gnomes in the Cobber clan, way up north, who might be able to help. He summoned the great white goose, flew up north, and visited with the Cobber gnomes, finding the perfect young gnome to fill the position. That is how gnome Marlene came to Dawson. She jumped in with enthusiasm, teaching berryball, exercises, and many other new games, which all the small ones enjoyed.

On the other side of town, a young lad was learning from his Dad Gnome Art, how to make and fix “Gords,” a means of transportation which his Dad had invented because it was made from a hollow gourd with wheels and a motor. He also invented a machine made out of a green bean can which helped in the field, which they called “John’s Deer.” They had a lot of business, every gnome wanted one to make their work faster and easier.

Life was good in Dawson, the school was teaching the boys and girls all the things they needed to learn, they were all happy and healthy. The businesses were providing goods and services that the countryside needed and gnomes were efficiently helping the farmers with their crops and the hospital was helping the injured and sick to recover.

One evening, under the big oak tree down by the river, the Gnome Council was meeting with only a few items on their agenda when the leader of the gnomes, Daws, turned to the group. “Fellow gnomes,” he said quietly, “things are going well here in Gnometown. I can’t help but think that a big reason for this is our school and the great teachers we have. They are preparing the small ones so well for business, for farming, and for parenting. They are learning and developing skills in medicine, music, math, history, English, geography, and games, which keep them well rounded, informed, useful, and healthy. I propose that we honor all teachers, Gnomes Bob, Steve, John, Areta, T.O., Vern, Dick, and Marlene for their excellence by bringing them a shiny red apple.”

“Good idea,” resounds from Gov. Ted, “I’ll get gnomes Al and Bob to pick some apples south of the river and bring them up to school tomorrow.”

The next day gnomes Al and Bob picked the nicest red apples from high on the tree, polished them with the silk of a nearby spider web, and brought them up to the school. Al went one way, Bob went the other, and surprised each teacher, much to their delight, with a big red apple. Bob had one left and walked into the big assembly and put it on Marlene’s desk. Their eyes met and that was it. The magic happened and it is said by someone who witnessed it, little hearts, like bubbles, floated in the air at that first glance.


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