Legend of Gnometown

Throughout the years, tales have been passed down from generation to generation of the gnomes of Dawson, Mn. In 1988, the citizens of Dawson decided to honor these gnomes. Each year, during our Riverfest celebration, we honor someone who has served the community and his/her fellowmen in an exemplary way over the years, exerting a positive influence on the growth and well being of the community as a whole; as well as each individual member. He/she may have achieved a specific honor, but that is not the determining factor to become an honoree. Often our Gnome puts the service to others before personal gain or comfort and gives generously of time, talent and resources without recognition.
These gnomes hold a permanent place in our hearts and in Gnome Park, located by the Dawson Aquatic Center on Highway 212. Feel free to visit them anytime.

How will you know when you’ve seen a Dawson Gnome? They are the ones with the tipped hats and their hearts on their sleeves…


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