2015 Gnome Nomination

Daws CarlsonRiverfest is just around the corner! That means it’s time to nominate the 2015 Dawson Gnome! The Gnome committee is looking to the community to give them recommendations for the Dawson Gnome. The person you select to be honored should be someone who has served the community and his/her fellowmen in an exemplary way over the years, exerting a positive influence on the growth and well being of the community as a whole; as well as each individual member. He/she may have achieved a specific honor, but that is not the determining factor to become the honoree. Often our Gnome puts the service to others before personal gain or comfort and gives generously of time, talent and resources without compensation or recognition.

Nominations can be given to John Nevins or Jeanne Peterson at Dawson Co-op Credit Union or emailed to dawsongnome@gmail.com. You can make a new nomination by submitting a paragraph explaining why you feel your nomination should be chosen or by selecting one of the following previously nominated people.

John Roiger
Terry Overlander
Rose Wold
Wendell Gubrud
Paul and Jolayne Hanson
Jeanette Lund
Melanie Benson
Duane Hastad
DB ’11 State FB Champions
Dan and LuAnne Fondell
Sister Vivian Peterson
The Agape Singers
Tony Aafedt
Russell and Larry Dahl
Brad and Melanie Benson
Virgil Thompson
Steve Anderson

ALL nominations must include the your full name and contact info. Unsigned nominations will be discarded.  Thank you for your help in selecting our 2015 Dawson Gnome!


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