Winterfest Medallion

Looks like some warmer weather is coming for the weekend! Perfect time to get out and search for the Winterfest Medallion worth $100 in Dawson Chamber Dollars!
Clue #1 – Put down the paper and hurry outside, Medallion season is here. But be quick because it is seek and hide, where anyone may pass near.
Clue #2 – You may need to look up, or maybe look down, or even under the snow, (if there is snow left in our town) ‘Cause its a snowman, you know.
Clue #3 – Many activities happen nearby at different times of year; football and swimming and flags flying high, and always the gnomes are near.
The medallion can be redeemed at the Dawson Sentinel office during normal business hours.
For more clues check next week’s Dawson Sentinel and tune in to Q92! Good luck!!
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